Lasting Impressions - The other secret...
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The secret is in the curve and
the OTHER SERCRET is how myPicboard can be used to…



Remind someone of a special moment,

That may inspire in a good way,

To enjoy each and every future day.


Face loneliness and discouragement with smiles and inspiration.

Let us all lean in together and lean into good.



Save important pictures off your phone or from a box, and

be sure they are ready to share right, tight, and any way you’d like.

myPicboard Lasting Impressions Display Hockey Charity Smiley

myPicboard, multiple picture frames are handmade in small limited batches
with responsibly harvested finely shaped, beautiful hardwood veneers.

How to use your Hassle-Free myPicboard Multiple Picture Frame.

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to use - Slide 1

Slide pictures under the first outer layer of the clear line on your myPicboard.

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to use - Slide 2

Rotate slide photo under second clear inner myPicboard line. (optional)

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to Use - Slide 3

Move each photo to the desired position on your myPicboard.

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to use - Slide 4

Securely arrange multiple photographs on your myPicboard.

myPicboard Bookshelf Signature Back Bobby Orr Fake

myPicboard Bookshelf Series open arrangement multiple picture frame
with Player-Up FAKE Bobby Orr FAKE Signature for example only.

myPicboard Ronald McDonald Schofield Charity Smiley

myPicboard Bookshelf Series with smiley face
charity event picture on a tack-less bulletin board.

MyPicboard - Office and Organization

myPicboard multiple picture frames are used as home and office tack-less bulletin board.

myPicboard - Dream Vision Board Walnut

myPicboard is great for multiple picture collages, dream and vision boards.

myPicboard vision board or also known as myPicboard dream board. Shown in walnut above.

The myPicboard Bookshelf B/Series

An elegant way to display multiple pictures and picture collages.

The myPicboard Bookshelf series has a removable stainless-steel stand,
that is landscape and portrait ready.

Remove your myPicboard Bookshelf Stand for easy travel and wall-hanging
with the myPicboard Any-Side-Up hanger already built-in.

Bring your Bookshelf Series myPicboard wherever, whenever and and display it however you’d like.

myPicboard Bookshelf Portrait and Landscape Stainless Steel Removable Stand

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