Enjoy and Improve Your Life.


Organize and Display Your Adventures, Visions, and Plans.


Showcase photographs, cards, and other memorabilia on an open arrangement display board.

myPicboard - Oak 3 Pics - Ultimate Shoe Box - Oak Edge Curve


Beautifully handcrafted in wood.


  • Add, adjust, and update as you like.
  • Stack several pictures.
  • Create orderly or free flowing displays.
  • Numerous display options with two layers of clear line.
  • Showcase what you want or cover up what you don’t.
myPicboard Remembrance board in Dark Walnut
myPicboard - Designer Maple - Save your fridge with magnet hanger

The custom hardwood board with clear line tensioned over the face will hold your memories and inspirations securely.

How to update myPicboard's 'Open Arrangement Area'


  • 1. Slip photograph under the 1st outer line
  • 2. Photographs that you want to be in back, rotate and slide under the 2nd inner line (Optional: as needed for your arrangement)
  • 3. Adjust into position
  • 4. Add more pictures
  • Enjoy and update as desired!

Decades of New England craftsmanship hand worked into every myPicboard


All myPicboards are signed and numbered


  • The tension built into the shaped veneer and the line creates the first truly open arrangement multiple picture frame.
  • Two layers of translucent line secured over the face allow you to layer and arrange your pictures as you'd like.
  • Use the layers to cover up the odd person off to the side or empty space.
  • Ready to be hung vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape) and even at an angle if you'd like.

Designer Series

myPicboard 5 Color Designer Series - Center: Maple. Top Left to Right: White Washed Maple, Dark Walnut. Bottom Left to Right: Oak, Mahogany

Designer Series 5 ColorĀ - Center: Maple. Top Left to Right: White Washed Maple, Dark Walnut. Bottom Left to Right: Oak, Mahogany. (all colors are natural wood except the White Washed Maple)

Architect Select Series

myPicboard 5 Color Architect Selects - Center: Dark Hollow Maple. Top Left to Right: Dark Hollow Maple, Natural Maple. Bottom Left to Right: Burly Maple, Swamp Maple.

Architect Select SeriesĀ - Center and Top Left: Dark Hollow Maple Collection. Top Right: Clear Maple Collection. Bottom Left to Right: Burly Maple Collection, Swamp Maple Collection.

Elegant 'Designer Series' complements the finest home or office.


Choose from natural wood colors


  • Soft color of natural Maple
  • Strong rich grain of natural Oak
  • Rich radiance of natural Mahogany
  • Deep luxury of natural Dark Walnut


Or stained


  • Cozy and comfortable White Washed Maple

The 'Architect Select Series' adds natural beauty to your home or office.


Select natural Maple grain variations


  • Soft color of natural Maple
  • Strong rich grain of our Dark Hollow Maple Selects
  • Raw beauty of Swamp Maple
  • Varied grains with the Lightly Burly Maple
  • Deeply textured Burly Maple

Are you ready to display what's important to you?