myPicboard - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

myPicboard FAQs

‘myPicboard,’ is the original picboard.

The newest place to display and share your pictures.


Do you have myPicboards in stock? A: Yes, but inventory varies. MyPicboard’s are made in batches and each batch will have various face colors depending on materials and orders in hand.


How are shipping costs calculated? Currently we are using a flat rate to ship anywhere in the continental US.

How to use:

Review the images and captions below to see the basic technique for adding your pictures.

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to use - Slide 1

Slide pictures under the top layer of line.

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to use - Slide 2

Rotate and slide under inner layer of line
(as works best).

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to Use - Slide 3

Move to desired position.

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to use - Slide 4

Add and arrange pictures
as many or as few as you like.

Quality Commitment and our Pledge to Your Service

MyPicboards are made from fine quality and safe materials. Each myPicboard is built to last and provide you years and years of open arrangement picture displays.

MyPicboards are handcrafted with materials harvested from our perfect planet; nevertheless, we as craftsmen are not perfect. We humbly accept this and strive to get as close to perfection as our hearts, hands, and materials allow. Please look at the small imperfections as the little details that make each myPicboard unique and your own.

Regardless, if it fails to hold your photos and other similar memorabilia securely, we will work with you to provide an acceptable solution.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any challenge with your myPicboard. Big issue or small challenge we want to know what’s going on and how to make your and your clients’ myPicboard experience everything it can be and maybe more.


myPicboard – Materials

Board and Back Rails:

  • The 'Designer Series' myPicboard faces are fine grade veneers 1/42” thick and cut from large paper-backed veneer sheets.
  • The 'Architect Select(s)' myPicboard faces are solid 1/16” veneers that are selected from the milled stacks. Each is chosen for its unique beauty and the rare evenly matched grain veneer sets.
  • The middle layer is called 'Cross Band' because the grain direction is opposite the face and back layer.
  • The backs are custom milled 'Core' sheets at 1/16” thick with the exposed side finish sanded.
  • The back rails are milled from Poplar and Ash.


Line and Hardware:

  • Translucent line: 60-lb. deep sea fishing line
  • Line and Hanger: Aluminum Sleeves
  • Line tension springs: Zinc plated spring steel
  • Any-Side-Up-Hanger: 90-lb. 7-strand preformed deep sea rigging wire


Finish and Adhesive:

  • Clear finish: Arm r’ Seal – Satin Finish
  • Glue: Better Bond Cold Press Adhesive (non-toxic)



  • Dimensions: 14 ¼ “x 17 ¾ “x 1” (approximately)
  • Product Weight: approximately 1 ½ - 1 ¾ pounds (Designer Studio and Architect Studio Select versions respectively)
  • Shipping Weight: 2 ½ pounds
  • Packaging: Ships in snug clear plastic bag and protective card board box


Please help us to know what questions and additional information you want

email: [email protected]

or use our ‘Contact Us’ form

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