myPicboard - Organizer Solution

Organize Your Life at Home and the Office


Central Communication Board to Showcase and Share Information.


Keep schedules, reminders and other important information together, visible and accessible.

At the office: Keep your most important schedules, business cards and reminders visible.

At home: Keep track of your (and your family’s) appointments, chores, events and more.

myPicboard Organizer Solutions

Create an open arrangement area on your refrigerator with our super strong magnet hanger.


Arrange your myPicboard Organizer neatly or randomly.




Tired of tacky bulletin boards?


…with damaging pinholes, tape scars, and curling?
…unattractive, even ugly, and with loosely secured items?


Enjoy the benefits of keeping important information and visual reminders in front of you without tacks or tape on myPicboard.

The custom hardwood board with clear line tensioned over the face will hold your memories and inspirations securely.

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to use - Slide 1

Simply slide your picture under 1st layer of line

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to use - Slide 2

For more security and layering options… Rotate and slide under 2nd layer of line

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to Use - Slide 3

Move to desired position

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to use - Slide 4

Add and arrange more pictures

Are you ready to get organized with myPicboard

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