myPicboard - Oak Close Up - Maple with Desk Lamp and Ultimate Shoe Box - Oak Close Up

myPicboard - Picture Display

Picture Display Solutions to organize your adventures

Showcase your life’s adventures that you captured with photographs and cards.

Enjoy the excitement and imagery on greeting cards and postcards from near and far.

myPicboard - Maple with Refrigerator Magnet (does not work on all refridgerators)

myPicboard Maple:  Fridge Magnet;

Share your fun times with pictures.

myPicboard - Maple by Desk Lamp

myPicboard Maple: Wall Hanging;

What have you tried?

Picture frames, bulletin boards, magnet boards, ribbon boards, clothes pins, photo albums or flip books?


Customer comments about picture frames:


My biggest challenge is that they are too limiting and restrictive for quick updates.’

‘Frames are so expensive or cheap junk.’

‘So many frames are too artistic and compete for attention.’

myPicboard - Red Green Blue Question Marks

myPicboard-Maple: What have you tried?

Other frustrations about bulletin and poster boards:

‘…too damaging with pin holes (both of my nieces take great issue with this).’

‘Personally I can’t stand the ugly tape scars!’

‘…glued boards can’t be updated with better images.’

‘They are generally rather unattractive.’

The custom hardwood board with clear line tensioned over the face will hold your memories and inspirations securely.

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to use - Slide 1

Simply slide your picture under 1st layer of line

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to use - Slide 2

For more security and layering options… Rotate and slide under 2nd layer of line

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to Use - Slide 3

Move to desired position

myPicboard - Dark Walnut How to use - Slide 4

Add and arrange more pictures



Are you ready to make your own myPicboard display?

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