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Oak – Original


myPicboard, a place to put your pictures.

The newest way to create an open arrangement picture display.

Showcase your memories and possibilities.

Inspired and handcrafted in New England.
Individually branded, signed and numbered.

Retail/Boutique Price of $120. SAVE $30 with an online Direct Discount.

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Oak – Original

The Original is the 1st production New England Picture Board created by myPicboard. These myPicboards are finished with an ultra-fine grade wooden veneer top sheet that showcase a species’ beautiful colors and grains.

Line and Hardware:
Translucent line: 60-lb. deep sea fishing line
Line and Hanger: Aluminum Sleeves
Line tension springs: Zinc plated spring steel
Any-Side-Up-Hanger: 90-lb. 7-strand preformed deep sea rigging wire

Finish and Adhesive:
Clear finish: Arm r’ Seal – Satin Finish
Glue: Better Bond Cold Press Adhesive (safest and strongest glue we could find)

Dimensions: 14 ¼ “x 17 ¾ “x 1” (approximately)
Product Weight: approximately 1 ½ pounds
Shipping Weight: 2 ½ pounds

Ships in snug clear plastic bag and protective card board box.