Maple – Designer Series


Improve Your Life
Organize and display your life’s adventures, visions, and plans.

Create your vision on an open arrangement picture display board.

Add, adjust and update as you like.

The curved hardwood board with clear line tensioned over the face holds your arrangements securely.

Inspired and handcrafted in New England.

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Maple – Designer Series

Board and Curved Back Rails:
‘The Designer Series’ myPicboard faces are a fine grade 1/42” thick paper-backed veneer.
The middle layer is the ‘Cross Band’ and the grain direction is opposite the face and back layer.
The back is a custom milled ‘Core’ sheet at 1/16” thick with the exposed side finish sanded.
The Curved Rail Pieces mounted on the back are milled from Poplar.

Line and Hardware:
Translucent line: 60-lb. deep sea fishing line
Line and Hanger: Aluminum Sleeves
Line tension springs: Zinc plated spring steel
Any-Side-Up-Hanger: 90-lb. 7-strand preformed deep sea rigging wire

Finish and Adhesive:
Clear finish: Arm r’ Seal – Satin Finish
Glue: Better Bond Cold Press Adhesive (safest and strongest glue we could find)

Dimensions: 14 ¼ “x 17 ¾ “x 1” (approximately)
Product Weight: approximately 1 ½ pounds
Shipping Weight: 2 ½ pounds

Ships in snug clear plastic bag and protective card board box.


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